Gunnarin haastattelu – Kolli´s Interview

Carameliton Tytti Becker haastatteli myös islantilaista Gunnar ”Kolli” Kristinssonia, joka on yksi Tytin suosikkinyrkkeilijöistä:

How did you prepare to your fight in Helsinki 2.4 ?
3 months before i did a 8 week power endurance cycle which ended the week before i left for Finland and did 3 1/2 weeks of sparring and training with Robert. So I was well prepared.
Kuva: Petteri Heittola Photography

Kuva: Petteri Heittola Photography

Did you know your oppenents boxing style and did that change your fighting tactic?
I knew he was a little shorter than me and had a very tight boxing stance and was a very tough guy, but no I didn’t change anything im preparation for fighting him, just kept improving what I had been doing.
Did the fight go as expected?
I predicted that I would break him down in the first round and stop him in the second round. Apparently it took me minutes instead of rounds.
Kuva: Juha Varis

Kuva: Juha Varis

Do you want to comment Roberts fight with Duhaupas?
I mean.. it was a good fight that Robert was winning and he had the upperhand. That fight just proved one thing.. it only takes one punch to end the night. But I am 100% certain that Robert will still win a world title!
You did a training camp with Robert before your fight, how did it go?
It went fantastic! Training under Johan Lindström was great. I saw and felt improvements the first week and it carried on through the camp. The sparring also went great, I felt that i was Improving from session to session and was a great honour to sparr someone of Roberts calibre.
What kind of goals have you set for your career?
I set the goal on the top. Universally recognised heavyweight champion of the world! ”The danger in life is not to put your goals to high and not being able to reach them, its to put your goals to to low and reaching them -Michelangelo” Although the way there is a curved line, I will always strive to be the best i can possibly be.
Could you tell me about boxing in Island, do you have many boxers in your country?
Amateur boxing was banned in Iceland untill 2002. Since then we have had a couple of clubs come up with 7 being active now. There are maybe between 25 and 50 active boxers in Iceland. Majority of which are young diplpma boxers. There are a number of senior boxers though, mostly between 64 and 75kg. Its all a working progress, in the future Iceland will have a full roster of world level boxers I’m sure.
What gave you the passion for boxing?
When I started boxing it was primarily to lose weight and get in shape, but after my first sparring session I was hooked. So you might say that boxing is my life and living is my passion.
Who or whom are your favourite professional boxers and why?
My favourite boxers are Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes and Bernard Hopkins. Both Lennox and Holmes are two of the greatest heavyweights in history and are both self made men who started at the bottom. Both have two of the best heavyweight jabs out there, although Holmes has probably the best Jab ever in boxing.
Their style of fighting and basic tactics alway made me think that thats the kind of fighter i want to become.
Bernard Hopkins is the underdog story, showing that talent has nothing to do with it, but hard work and dedication is the great definer of who you will become as an athlete or as a person. He js also the alphabet for boxing technique and ring generalship. His nicknames tell the story. ”The executioner” for perfect execution of technique. ” The Professor” professor of boxing. ”The Alien” because he cant be of this world.
Kuva: Juha Varis

Kuva: Juha Varis

What is your all time favourite boxing match?
That is a very hard question. I probably have to say Bernard Hopkins vs Felix Trinidad and Lennox Lewis vs Evander Holyfield.
Klitschko vs Fury Rematch, who do you think will win?
It all depends on if Klitschko will listen to his trainer or not.. in the first fight Jonathan Banks was telling Klitschko the correct things to win the fight, but Wlads ego got in the way.. thats the biggest thing that will define how the fight will go. Although Fury will be better this time around, its crazy how a world title can boost a fighters ability. If i had to bet, I’d bet in Fury.
When will we see you in the ring next time?
I was trying to get on the boxinf card April 29. In Copenhagen, but that doesn’t look like its happening unless someone gets injured and i get to fight last minute. But I’m planing to fight in Denmark sometime in May, and hopefully in Åland July 2.
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Artikkelin kirjoittaja keskimmäisenä :) Kuva: Petteri Heittola Photography

Artikkelin kirjoittaja keskimmäisenä 🙂
Kuva: Petteri Heittola Photography